Scentsy Silhouette

Start your own Silhouette Collection with Lili, Linden, Loom, or any one of our beautiful wraps.  Each set includes a warmer wrap and a simple, porcelain Full-Size Scentsy Warmer that allows light to shine through, highlighting the natural patterns created by its metal wrap.  Add to your collection by purchasing additional warmer wraps individually.  One Silhouette wrap included with the purchase of warmer.  Wraps designed to fit over Silhouette Collection warmer only.  Individual wraps available separately.  Warmer may not be purchased separately.

Scentsy Glowing Core

Start with the simply beautiful Etched Core Silhouette Warmer. Elegant on its own, this warmer serves as the centerpiece of the many different metal wraps Scentsy offers.





Scentsy Silhouette Birdcage WrapBirdcage

Scentsy Silhouette Butterfly WrapButterfly

Scentsy Silhouette Castille WrapCastille

Scentsy Silhouette Chickadee WrapChickadee

Scentsy Silhouette Downtown WrapDowntown

Scentsy Silhouette Lili Wrap Lili

Scentsy Silhouette Linden WrapLinden Scentsy Silhouette Loom WrapLoom